Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does system work for me?

Clients who are in need of services – whether it’s implementing a home improvement project, purchasing insurance or obtaining a loan – search the internet for service providers. will be one of the first listings to show. Once logged into our website, the client completes a short questionnaire on the product or service for which they would like to receive estimates. The staff at further gathers information and then gives that information to the provider who would best fulfill the project requirements. That professional then contacts the client to schedule a meeting for an estimate.

  • How do your clients know the service providers are qualified?

The screening process at affiliates is quite thorough. We require appropriate current license and insurance information. However, as a matter of course, we always recommend to each of our clients that they do some research of their own to validate their service provider’s information. That research should include requesting a copy of the provider’s state occupational licenses as well as current liability insurance documentation. Normally, company representatives should have these papers with them at meetings for estimates. References from previous customers are also recommended for anyone considering a contract with a service provider.

  • Does provide, sell or manufacture any products or services?

Absolutely not. We are a meeting ground, where service providers can network with those needing a service. We do not share ownership with any of the affiliates in our network. We maintain an impartial relationship in order to bring unbiased information to our clients, and therefore, do not make any recommendations of one provider over another.

  • Where are your service providers located?

Our affiliates are all over the United States. is a nationwide network that has members in and around every major metropolitan area in the U.S. Many of our affiliates have locations in multiple cities in order to provide services to large areas. We do not, however, offer services internationally.