Automobile Sales
Consumers are often in need of automobile sales and simply do not have the time to visit car lots or do research on the makes and models that might suit their needs.  They need a car, and they need to do it with the least possible investment of time.  That’s where ExclusiveLeads.com comes in, with its national network of car sales professionals.  You’ll have access to these consumers’ contact information so that you can broker them a deal that will put them in the right car at the right time, and at the right price!

Automobile Warranty
Issuing extended warranties on automobiles is a booming business!  More and more, consumers are signing contracts for these warranties so that they don’t have to foot the big bills for keeping their vehicles in good condition.  But as with many other industries, it’s difficult for consumers to know who they can trust.  They depend on ExclusiveLeads.com to introduce them to reputable businesses who have proven track records of customer satisfaction and quality work.  As one of our Affiliates, you’ll know just how to give them that!

Diabetic Supplies
Diabetic supply companies are advertising their services everywhere these days. One can’t spend too much time in front of the television without sitting through a commercial, and the internet presence is enormous!  But when purchasing supplies that will ensure their health and quality of life, consumers want to be comfortable with the reputation of their supplier as well as the quality of the products.  At ExclusiveLeads.com, our Affiliates have the ethical responsibility to offer our clients exactly that!

Increasingly, the internet is a fantastic resource for those consumers who need additional or continuing education, but don’t have a local campus – or the time – for classes.  For those looking for continuing education credits, whether in a medical field, in education, in law, or in any other field, we help them find the right provider for these services.  At ExclusiveLeads.com, we’ll give you the sole right to contact them to give them more information about your program.  Specialty education is a large industry as well, but educators compete with each other to bring students into their programs.  Not at ExclusiveLeads.com!  You decide which prospects you want to contact, and we won’t give their information to any other Affiliate.

Relocating is a huge undertaking!  Many people simply do not have the resources or time to pack up all their possessions and move them, whether it’s across the country or across town.  Some residential and commercial movers have recently made national news, however, for not delivering possessions and furniture when promised, and even holding them hostage for additional money. At ExclusiveLeads.com, we take pride in the fact that our network of professionals have a higher ethical standard than this.  Our clients rely on us to match them with professional who have unimpeachable reputations, and we’ll do exactly that!

Real Estate Sales
When it comes to real estate sales, one size definitely does not fit all!  Especially when relocating over long distances, prospective homeowners may not know who to trust.  At ExclusiveLeads.com, we list real estate professionals from all fields: residential, commercial, industrial.  As an Affiliate, you will be able to decide with a glimpse at their needs, whether or not you want to take them on.  We’ll give you exclusive rights to their contact information so you won’t have to compete with any of our other Affiliates.